OK Seungcheol ≪DMZ Exhibition: Checkpoint≫
August 31 - September 23, 2023
DMZ Paju
OK Seungcheol is participating in a group show DMZ Exhibition: Checkpoint in Paju, on view from August 31 to September 23.
옥승철 작가는 파주에서 진행되는 단체전 ≪DMZ 전시: 체크포인트≫에 참여합니다. 전시는 8월 31일부터 9월 23일까지 진행됩니다.

DMZ Exhibition: Checkpoint》 is a project that contemplates the phenomenon created by the border and division between North and South Korea from the perspective of contemporary art, and evokes the meaning of the DMZ's place, history, and division. Exhibition uses the nature of the DMZ and the soldiers' space left around it as an exhibition space to shed light on the currently left DMZ from an artistic perspective and converts the now-disused soldier's space into an artistic space.

Green Flash〉 and 〈Cloud〉 by OK Seungcheol, who selected/edited symbols that appear in comics, are images that seem to stop a scene of laser shooting or explosion. However, OK Seungcheol edits the image so as not to reveal enemies and allies, and the cause and effect of the incident, so that current events overlap with our paused history.

DMZ Exhibition: Checkpoint
August 31 – September 23, 2023
Dora Observatory, Peace Nuri, Camp Greaves at DMZ Paju