RYU Yaerim ≪2023 Korean Young Artists Series: Dreamy≫
May 25 – July 22, 2023
Korean Cultural Center, Hong Kong
RYU Yaerim participated in a group show 2023 Korean Young Artists Series: Dreamy at Korean Cultural Center until July 22.

2023 Korean Young Artists Series: Dreamy
May 25 – July 22, 2023
Korean Cultural Center, Hong Kong

Participating Artists
RYU Yaerim
PARK Gwangsoo
SONG Sumin
The Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong highlights the works of three artists, PARK Gwangsoo, SONG Sumin and RYU Yaerim, on the theme of dreams and implicit possibilities. These artists leading Korean contemporary painting establish their art world on the canvas through different methodologies. Although the techniques, methods of expression and the themes they would reveal through their works are different, there is a common keyword in the works of the artists, which is 'the possibility arising from ambiguity’

The paintings of RYU Yaerim show the boundless possibilities narrative the art can have. RYU stated the reason of painting exotic characters and backgrounds in her paintings is because “those unfamiliar characters and places enable infinite time that cannot be limited as they cannot be defined and calculated.” In addition, the artist leads an active yet unkind narrative structure through two communication methods- painting itself and its title. Both the painting and the title contain a very clear message without abstraction, However, it is full of mysterious factors for the audience to think about. The room for interpretation is open to the viewers with the different angle from the abstract paintings.
_Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong
문화원에서 개최하는 <한국 젊은 작가전> 시리즈는 한국의 유망 젊은 작가를 세계 미술시장의 거점인 홍콩에 소개하는 프로그램으로, 올해 6회째를 맞이했습니다. 2023년 전시에는 한국 현대 회화를 이끄는 박광수, 송수민, 유예림 작가 3인이 선정되어 꿈과 잠재력을 주제로 주요 작품들을 선보입니다. 각 작가들의 테크닉과 표현 방법, 작품을 통해 드러내고자 하는 주제는 상이하지만, 그들의 작품에는 ‘모호함에서 비롯되는 가능성’이라는 공통 키워드가 존재합니다.