Gabrielle Kruger
Coral Carnation
Acrylic on Board
140 x 90 cm
Looping Around
Acrylic on Board
86 x 138 cm
Paint Cement and Acrylic Paint Strips
52 x 34 x 35 cm
Turning the gaze outwards, away from domestic surroundings, Gabrielle Kruger draws on the natural landscapes of Cape Town. For the artist, paintings are about durations as much as they are about materiality and technique. She creates what could be described as ‘painting sculptures’, stacking, scraping, cutting, and weaving sheets of dried acrylic paints which mimic the malleable quality of plastic. Through this time-based process of layering paint, Kruger has been capturing the city’s transforming natural environments.
고체화된 아크릴 물감을 쌓거나 긁고, 자르고 엮어서 완성한 회화-조각을 선보여 온 가브리엘 크루거의 시선은 집이 아닌, 케이프타운의 자연으로 향한다. 액체 상태의 물감을 칠하고 바르는 개념에서 벗어나 플라스틱처럼 유연한 고체 상태로 굳어진 물감을 활용하는 크루거는 물성을 통해 회화의 시간성을 탐구해 왔으며 자신만의 실험적인 방법으로 시시각각 변하는 자연의 모습을 재현해 왔다.